Employee Benefits, Health Insurance and the changes with Trump

What will be the changes with Group Health Insurance, Employee Benefits

Well…that’s the million dollar question.  Since Brauer Insurance ONLY does health insurance, we are at Ground Zero for any legislation and/or changes upcoming.  All of the associations that we belong to believe that Trump will not take away the availability of health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions, or the ability for parents to keep their kids on their health insurance plan up to age 26.  There have been some talk about allowing out of state insurance companies to sell health insurance in CA.  In theory, this sounds good.  The problem may be the oversight of these out of state companies.

Out of State insurance companies selling in CA

One thing that comes to mind is that to regulate and control an insurance company out of Delaware, lets say, may not be as easy as one that has to answer to the CA Dept of Insurance, 3000 miles away.  Maybe having a Federal entity that controls and regulates these companies may be formed.  This idea has not been introduced yet, that I’m aware of, but in theory, it makes sense.

Nothing is going to happen until 2019

One thing is for sure….there will be little changes for the next 18-24 months.  You just can’t dismantle or change something of this magnitude overnight.  There is a ton of work to do, with any changes they make.  Either way, if you own a business, find yourself a broker that specializes in Group Health Insurance.  We will be the only ones that can translate what is going on, into English for business owners.  This dysfunctional industry is just too confusing for anyone to understand if you DONT specialize in it.

Group Health Insurance brokers are few and far between

When I started doing Group Health Benefits back in 2003, there were tons of us around….and it was a fairly easy industry to understand and write business.  When it imploded in 2010 with the ACA, many of the Group Health Brokers jumped ship.  Some are in the Real Estate business, others just plain retired.  Since this is my second career, I decided to immerse myself in this and I told myself…”If this fails, I’m going down with the ship”.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  Our business almost doubles each year BECAUSE we specialize in Group Health, and we’re pretty good at it.  Don’t take my word, check us out on Yelp, Google+, etc….

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