TrumpCare for businesses, what does that look like, San Jose, Santa Clara, Oakland, San Francisco, CA

Most people are not sure what’s going to happen with the ACA, Affordable Care Act, and what a replacement would look like.  Recently there has been much fighting about what the changes are, when it would take effect, and who would pay for it.  The last thing we need is to have it rammed down our throat like the ACA.  TrumpCare, honestly, would probably look a lot like what we have now, but the mechanism of how we buy would change.  Definitely more carriers in the mix would help, but the bottom line issue is the cost of care

Health Insurance is expensive because the cost of care is expensive

Its really as simple as that.  If you can’t drive down the cost of the services, this will never become affordable.  That is the bottom line.  Whether its TrumpCare, ObamaCare, or anything else, insurance rates will continue to rise until we get a handle on the healthcare system we have.  The Affordable Care Act was not Health Reform…it was Insurance Reform.  I was not against the insurance reform, but when you’re talking about pricing, this is an empty conversation.  There are just too many factors that affect the cost of health care.  Its a very complicated problem.

Driving down the cost of health care, no easy answers

There are probably 15 different issues that affect the cost of care, prescription drugs, hospital costs, fraud, end of life procedures, etc…  There are no easy answers to this.  TrumpCare in San Jose or any city will have to address these in the coming years.  For the last few years, employers have been passing on the cost increases to their employees.  I don’t see that changing

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