Inexpensive Business Health Insurance for companies, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA

I wish there was a way to find Inexpensive Business Health Insurance.  I would be a multi millionaire overnight.  However, there ARE ways to reduce the amount you pay for Business Health Insurance and even products that pay companies back when they don’t have many claims.  I have one company that I insure, that got a refund of almost $100,000 back because their employees did not have any major claims to the insurance.  Its a little complicated to explain, but its a fully insured Inexpensive Business Health Insurance that covers everything that any other plan would cover, and even more.  CFOs, CEOs, HR Directors, and business owners that want to be creative can save big money on premiums, with little risk.

There are creative ways to make Business and Group Health Insurance affordable

Its like anything else….the more creative you are, the more rewards are available.  For many companies, having affordable Group Health Insurance and Business Health Insurance seems out of reach.  The more creative you are, the more you can save, potentially.  There are products that pay employees that experience medical issues, which in turn, helps them pay for their deductibles and medical costs.  Many times the payouts are MORE than the cost of the medical issue.  These are some of the creative solutions available out there that many brokers either don’t know about.  When you specialize in Group Health Insurance and Business Health Insurance, you’re on the cutting edge of what is out there and the solutions that companies use.

Business Group Health Insurance can be affordable if you work with a Specialist

Many times business owners don’t know, what they don’t know.  That means that they are settling for working with a broker that probably doesn’t specialize in Business or Group Health Insurance.  When you work with a specialist, that person knows this dysfunctional industry, and how to help with saving money, compliance issues, etc…When you work with a “Generalist”, you give all of that up.  You are paying really high monthly premiums….why not have someone that knows what they’re doing.  It costs the same.  If you had a heart issue, would you go to a General Practitioner, or a Cardiologist.  Exactly….

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