Affordable Group Benefits and Health Insurance for companies, San Jose, Sunnyvale, CA

If you are a business owner that is looking for affordable Group Benefits and Health Insurance, you have a lot of options.  There are many strategies that HR Directors and company owners can use to keep the same level of Health Insurance benefits for their employees.  Not all health insurance policies are created equal.  Affordable Group Benefits are out there, but affordable is a debated word.  In these times, all insurance is expensive.  Most times, you can adjust your benefit offering, save some money and actually bring in Affordable Group Benefits for your employees.  Health insurance for companies is a complicated product.  Do yourself a favor and find a Benefits Broker that knows what they are doing.  Affordable Group Benefits are important, but the compliance piece of Health Insurance for companies is even more important.

Affordable Group Benefits and the compliance with the ACA

It’s important that you find Affordable Group Benefits and Health Insurance, but you need to address all of the compliance issues associated with the ACA, Affordable Care Act.  If your broker does not have you dialed in to the necessary paperwork, you need to be careful.  If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be audited or contacted by the DOL, Dept of Labor, there is some paperwork that they will immediately be asking for.  If you don’t have that paperwork set up ahead of time and distributed to employees, you’ll have a problem.

Health Insurance for companies and the necessary compliance paperwork

Affordable Group Benefits and the compliance associated with those benefits, is a moving target.  Health Insurance for companies is a niche product.  This is a very dysfunctional industry…just pick up a newspaper.  When you use the words Affordable Group Benefits, people will almost laugh because they don’t think that it’s a real concept.  All of this boiled down…do your due diligence on your Group Benefits Broker and their agency.  Unless they are a specialist in Health Insurance for companies, run screaming.

Brauer Insurance does only one thing…Affordable Group Benefits and Health Insurance for companies.  You can’t be an expert at everything, pick one.

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