Employee Benefits are expensive, but there are some strategies to lessen the pain

There are products that can help #employers fight the high cost of Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance. The products have been available for many years, and really became popular when the #HSA health insurance plans started back in 2004. We use these products for our groups that have a variety of Group Health Plans. Some have HSA plans, others have traditional #PPOs, others have #HMOs. It can work with basically any type of plan that you have for your company.

Voluntary Products are super affordable

Employers that want to enhance their Employee Benefit offering can do so without it costing them a fortune.  In fact, the offering of these products can be done on a voluntary basis and not cost the employer anything at all.  Let me say that again…the employer is not required to pay for any of these products, unless they want to.  Having these products can help with big ticket items like hospital stays, ambulance rides, ER visits, surgeries, etc.

Not all insurance agents are alike, do your homework

Everything these days seem to be more complicated.  #EmployeeBenefits are no different.  Having an expert that specializes in Group Health Plans for companies can make all the difference in the world.  Would you consult with a Primary Care doctor or a Cardiologist if you had a heart condition.  Whether you use an insurance agent that is a Generalist or someone that specializes in Employee Benefits, the cost to you is the same.  The commission is baked into the monthly premium of the insurance and not negotiable.  Whether you call us or another Health Insurance expert, we highly recommend doing your due diligence.  Check out the agency.  Do they really specialize in #GroupHealth or is that just one of their offerings.

Brauer Insurance is a family owned and operated boutique Employee Benefits Agency.  When you call, you either get me, or another family member….and maybe one of my grandkids, if they grab the phone!   www.braueinsurance.com  (877) 421-4325

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