Short Term Health Plans…are they in our future and what DON’T they cover

When #Trump took office, there was some #HealthInsurance talk about going out of state to purchase insurance and also Short Term Plans.  There are some negatives about Short Term Plans, one of which is that they usually don’t cover any prescriptions.  If you have drug costs now, you’d be totally out of pocket for those expenses, which are not cheap.  Short Term plans also never cover maternity or any pre-existing conditions.  That’s a big reason why they’re much cheaper, usually, than the traditional #ACA #HealthInsurance plan that is mandated to cover all of that.

Major gaps in Short Term Health Plans in all states

There are some consistencies when it comes to Short Term Plans in most states.

  • 43 percent do not cover mental health services;
  • 62 percent do not cover substance abuse treatment;
  • 71 percent do not cover outpatient prescription drugs; and
  • None of the plans cover maternity care.

That is the major reason why it’ so attractive to some Americans.  Most Americans do not need those services and are against being mandated to have these benefits when they know they’ll never use them.  If you’re 55 years old, you will NEVER need the maternity benefit..but you’re paying for it each month in your ACA plan

I bet your Health Insurance plan has benefits you’ll never use….but you’re paying for them!

One of Trump’s major campaign promises was getting rid of #ObamaCare and its mandates.  I have to say that it makes sense on some levels.  Why should someone that does not want that type of coverage, be forced to buy it?  Some would say that its for the betterment of society, which makes sense.  But I think there are ways to accomplish to that without the “broadbrush” stroke that the #ACA uses.  Since 2010, Group Health Insurance pricing has risen almost 75%.  ObamaCare opponents say that a big reason is that we are having to provide useless coverage for everyone, no matter if they want or need it.  I’m just not sure that Short Term Plans are the answer.  More to come on that

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