Single Payer in CA, you think insurance is expensive now, wait until its free!

There is an argument to be made on both sides of the #SinglePayer debate.  You have two people vying for CA governor with very different views.  Gavin Newsom favoring #SinglePayer and Antonio Villariagosa warning of the financial calamity if we adopt it.  Without getting political, there are actually good points from both candidates being made, but I have to side with Villariagosa on this.  It reminds me of an old adage I heard many years ago; “if you think its expensive now, just wait until its free”.  I don’t think you can find anyone that is against having healthcare for everyone, most people feel its a human right.  Its how you go about delivering the healthcare to everyone that is the issue.

Do we really want the government in charge of healthcare

Besides the massive price tag for this type of untested plan, how would the implementation be handled.  Does anyone like going to the DMV?  Oh wait, California is running that too.  Even Democrats that are in favor of Single Payer, are saying that our taxes would increase almost 100%.  Newsom is proposing a $200-BILLION tax increase to cover some of the cost….yes, 200 BILLION!  The more even tempered Democrat, State Treasurer John Chiang, urges caution.  Chiang says that it would be a mistake to change CA’s healthcare system all in one fell swoop.  He thinks implementation should be done gradually and with more testing.

Single Payer a hot button issue

No matter what you believe, this argument will continue to rage on for a long time.  The #ACA has solved many of the issues that Single Payer proponents want to address, but does it go far enough?  Either way you slice it, to bring about a Single Payer, or Socialized Medicine platform is very pricey.  60% of Californians would like to see some sort of Single Payer, but that support drops to under 40% when they learn of increased taxes.  It goes even lower when you start talking about the cost being in the hundreds of billions, and individual taxes increasing over 100%.

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