Employee Benefit costs second only to wages, how about trimming some fat?

I’ll ask you a couple of simple questions to start this off; What kind of health plan do you have, and how much is your “co-insurance”?  Don’t feel bad, most people can’t answer either question, and about 90% of the population doesn’t even know what coinsurance is.  That’s OK….for most of us, it’s not a big deal.  But, if you’re an employer PAYING for those plans, it is a big deal.  I can’t count how many employers were unaware of the plans, level of coverage they had, what they covered, or if their plans made the most sense for them.  When you have an insurance broker that is not a specialist, they may be just as clueless

Employee Benefit Advisers can make a world of difference

If you employ 15 people, depending on how old they are, and if they have dependents, your monthly premium could be upwards to $10,000 a month.  Shaving 5-10% off of that amount would save you multiple thousands a year, with basically the same coverage.  Your insurance agent that does your Workers Comp and Liability is probably not an expert at #EmployeeBenefits.  You just can’t be an expert at everything…there simply not enough hours in the day to stay current on all of nuances of #HealthInsurance.  When you are with a big firm, chances are, you’re not working with one of the owners or principals of the company.  My advice; find an Independent Agency that specializes in the type of insurance you are seeking, and do your homework.

Not all Employee Benefit Brokers are alike

As an ex-cop, I’m skeptical by nature.  I’ve learned that doing my homework, or “due diligence” on people I am thinking of working with is crucial.  Any idiot can claim to be an expert.  Check them out.  Ask them what makes them an “expert”.  Most people can smell BS.  I’ve learned to trust reviews too.  Whether its on Amazon, Costco, or whatever, it will absolutely give you a sense of what is good and what is not good.  Honestly, we may not be the best fit for all businesses.  It really depends on what you’re looking for.  There are a lot of us out there…but very few good ones.  Just sayin.

Brauer Insurance is an #Independent, Employee Benefits Agency, family owned and operated.  Since I’m a retired cop, our tagline is “To Protect and To Serve”.  Call us at (877) 421-4325    www.brauerinsurance.com

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