Employee Benefits to increase at companies, to attract new hires, studies show

According to a #SHRM study, more than 3/4 of the HR professionals interviewed claimed that their company will be increasing #EmployeeBenefits for their employees and #NewHires over the coming years.  Even though insurance prices are more than likely going to continue to increase, #HR folks have to keep up with other employers to attract and retain good #employees.  Good Employee Benefits are a top consideration for potential new hires and candidates

Myths regarding the offering of Employee Benefits for Small Employers

The first myth being that its too expensive.  Group Health Insurance is not cheap, there’s no denying that, but there are ways to mitigate the runaway costs associated with Group Health Insurance in CA.  By setting a dollar budget, or a defined contribution, for each employee, the employer contains their costs and keeps a handle on any potential increases in costs.  The other myth that floats around is that because Employee Benefits is so complicated, and fraught with compliance liability, its too hard for employers to navigate.  That’s when having a specialist in Small Business Health Insurance is so important.

Retaining the services of an expert at Employee Benefits is free

Whether your insurance person is a Generalist or Specialist, you pay the same for your insurance.  The commission is baked into the monthly premium, and you’re free to choose your Health Insurance Broker.  Choose wisely.  There are many charlatans out there.  Do your homework on potential brokers.  if they don’t specialize in Group Health Insurance or Employee Benefits….move on!

Brauer Insurance is one of the Bay Area leading agencies that specialize in Employee Benefits.  Call us or email.

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