In an unbelievable move, the CA legislators are pushing to require everyone in CA to purchase Health Insurance, beginning this coming January 2020.  In a bold move, the Democratic dominated CA Legislature put together the law to helps pay for people illegally in the country and others.

People in the country illegally will have access to free healthcare and will not be required to purchase Health Insurance

People illegally in the country will NOT be required to get the Health Insurance, but it is available to them, free of charge.  Also incarcerated people, and Native American Indians will be exempt as well, pretty much mirroring the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Individual Mandate, set up by President Obama as part of the Federal HealthCare act years ago.

The penalty for not having Health Insurance in CA will be a fine, similar to the ACA Individual Mandate

If Governor Newsom signs this into law, CA residents will be, once again, required to purchase, and prove, they have Health Insurance for themselves and their family.  No one is sure, just yet, what the fine or penalty will look like, but it is said to be very steep.  The money will be used to pay for all of the people in CA that cannot afford or have access to, insurance.  There is strong opposition to this law, but with Democrats in control of the government, that opposition is falling on deaf ears.  In the proposed law, a family of 4, earning almost $150,000 would be eligible for the subsidy, under the current rating system.  By comparison, some people earning under $50,000 would not be eligible for assistance….but still required to purchase the insurance.