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Employee Benefit costs second only to wages, how about trimming some fat?

I’ll ask you a couple of simple questions to start …

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Small Business Group Health Insurance plans to increase in 2019, reasons and solutions

Many were glad when the Individual Mandate “tax” was repealed …

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Employee Benefits to increase at companies, to attract new hires, studies show

According to a #SHRM study, more than 3/4 of the …

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Short Term Health Plans…are they in our future and what DON’T they cover

When #Trump took office, there was some #HealthInsurance talk about …

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Single Payer in CA, you think insurance is expensive now, wait until its free!

There is an argument to be made on both sides …

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Employee Benefits are expensive, but there are some strategies to lessen the pain

There are products that can help #employers fight the high …

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Larger Employers have some major compliance issues to deal with regarding Group Benefits and Group Health Insurance

When your employee count reaches 50 or more #employees, there …

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Medical law concept as a medicine symbol for malpractice or patient rights and a symbol for a hospital lawyer as a 3D illustration.

Assembly Bill 3087 would set reimbursements for hospitals and doctors through an independent panel

Bay Area Assembly Member Ash Kalra is proposing that CA …

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Closeup of a doctor holding a tablet computer with a chalkboard screen with the words Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Man is unrecognizable.

ACA compliance for small business employers, simple ways to avoid problems, hire an expert

If you’re running your business, you don’t have time to …

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Managing Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefit costs for employers, the financing of healthcare

For small and medium sized employers there are strategies that …

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Workplace hostile environment affects productivity, legal ramifications, Judy Pearce, HR Attorney and Consultant, San Jose

Sexist, Racist or an All-Around Jerk?   Written by Judy Pearce, …

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Association Health Plans, AHP, and the changes, will they work and what are the benefits

Recently there have been some proposed changes in the rules …

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Kaiser Insurance for your business can be affordable

If you are searching for affordable #HealthInsurance  or #EmployeeBenefits for …

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Health Insurance for your company does not have to break the bank, San Jose, Bay Area, CA

Attract and Retain employees with #EmployeeBenefits that have value, but …

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If you have Group Benefits in place now at your …

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