Blue Shield Medicare in San Jose, CA

Not sure if you’re getting the best deal on your health insurance?  Getting strange bills in the mail saying you owe a certain amount of money for Medicare or Medicare supplement plans?  Please give us a call!  We work constantly with individuals, families, and businesses who think they need to reevaluate their benefits.  If you even think you’re paying too much, give us a call.

This brings me to my next point of the mysterious bill you get in the mail from Medicare.  One of our current clients just signed up for a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan.  The plan is about $97/mo which is great!  However, she got a bill in the mail from “Medicare” asking her to pay over $500.  What?!  We were just as confused.  I called up Blue Shield last week to check and see if everything had gone correctly and she was enrolled for exactly the $97/mo and no penalties had been given.  Nope—just fine on the Blue Shield side.   I called and emailed said client back and let her know not to worry about her Medicare Supp plan, but we’d like to review that bill she received in the mail from “Medicare.”

She is going to be sending us that bill from her supposed Medicare coverage that she has, but I am very suspicious.  I believe that she was being scammed!  Too many times we see elderly people being taken advantage of because they are afraid to be taken off of their Medicare plan due to lack of payment.

There are SO many rules and fees here and there if you don’t do Medicare correctly, so I don’t really blame people for getting caught up in the trickery.  I do, however, really urge you and any loved ones to please get yourself a broker!  We are located in San Jose and are an independent brokerage firm with over five licensed brokers available to help and give advice.

We want to make sure you are protected, so give us a call today!

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