Bonnie: Employee Benefits in California

We offer many services here at Brauer Insurance but one we are very proud of is our “hidden paychecks” service.

We know that employers pay a lot for their employees medical benefits.  Many times employees have no idea the amount of money that is paid out monthly.  All they know is they pay X amount of dollars for an office visit.  With this service we provide, the employees will receive a full list of all the benefits that the California employer is paying for.

We provide this service to our larger groups, typically 40+ and they love it.  The employees are able to see what California employer-sponsored health insurance really costs.  This is especially great for employers who pay for the dependents as well.  This is why so many Californians are upset when they get laid off and have to pay for COBRA.  COBRA is the true amount that an employer is paying!  It’s shocking and it’s reality.

For our smaller groups, we are able to provide a less comprehensive “hidden paychecks.”  We will make a CD with all of the employees deductions when it comes to their benefits.  They will have a complete list of everyone who is on the insurance lines and therefore can tell the employees what they are paying for their health insurance.  On that disc we also include all the updated forms for enrolling, terminating, and changing coverage.  For dental, we include a “how to” sheet for an online search for dentists in their area.  We also include all of the plans the company offers and a detailed description of their benefits.

Working with employee health insurance is what we do best.  We love working with individuals and families as well.  If you are an employer looking to obtain benefits for your employees and want great service, look no further than Brauer Insurance!  We are here to protect and serve you.

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