Business Health Insurance, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, CA

Business Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune! We can prove it too. Every business should have a “strategy” when it comes to administering a Business Health Insurance plan to their employees. To not have one is just foolish, honestly. Business Health Insurance is usually the second most costly item for a business, right underneath wages. Why NOT have a “financial plan” of sorts for your expenditure for Business Health Insurance.

The companies that we insure, that have adopted our strategy, have become wildly successful with it. I can give you tons of examples where we not only saved money on their Business Health Insurance, but actually INCREASED the benefits for the employees. If I were you, I’d be skeptical. That’s OK, most people are. Business Health Insurance is very expensive….even if we lower it 15-20%, it would make a huge impact. Our strategy is not brain surgery…seriously, but it IS a formula that works. Part of it working requires the business to change their mindset on HOW the Business Health Insurance is delivered to the employees. When they do that, things change. They change in a big way!

Once success story involves a high tech company in Santa Clara. This company was spending $96,000 a month on their Business Health Insurance. It was an Anthem Blue Cross plan that was super rich in benefits. I met with their CFO and CEO and they agreed to give our strategy a try. After the implementation of the strategy, the cost of the Business Health Insurance was reduced to just under $70,000 a month with BETTER benefits. The employees were ecstatic and the CEO was delighted. Needless to say, the Board of Directors were actually angry that their previous broker had not introduced them to this concept. Oh, I didn’t tell you….I was not their broker when I introduced the strategy, but became their broker as a result of it.

Business Health Insurance CAN be strategized….it really can. We can prove it!!