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Group Medical Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune!  It really doesn’t, and we can prove it.  As long as your current agent has a strategy, is looking for ways to save your company money, or maybe they’re your relative…..I probably can’t help you.  If you never hear from your agent, or they just collect their commission each month and you rarely hear from them, maybe we should talk.

Employee Benefits is the SECOND most costly item for a company, right underneath wages.  The name of the game is “strategy”…..there IS a way to not only save money, but have better benefits for your people.  At Brauer Insurance, Employee Benefits are not just something we offer, we SPECIALIZE in it!  I like to use this analogy; If you have a heart issue, you go to a cardiologist…….a “specialist”.  Same goes for other things as well.  Why NOT have a specialist, our services are completely free….and….we provide a ton of Added Value Benefits that most other brokers don’t.  One of those is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for all benefited employees.  This comprehensive plan helps employees with Behavioral issues incorporating Health and Wellness.

Employee Benefits and Group Medical Insurance CAN be affordable.  If you think you’re paying too much…..you probably are!  We can help you strategize your Employee Benefit plan for your company.  We are an Independent, Family Owned, NO FEE agency, specializing in Group Benefits for small and medium sized companies.  Let our expertise help you navigate through the dysfunctional Health Insurance, Employee Benefit waters.  Our strategy is something that works with every insurance company in California….and frankly, its NOT rocket science.

Brauer Insurance can help you with your Employee Benefits or Group Medical Benefits.  We have several employer groups that will vouch for us and what we’ve done to help them minimize their exposure, AND significantly reduce their insurance costs.

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