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Did you know that typically the minimum that an employer HAS to spend each month on their Employee Benefits or Group Benefits is about $75-$100.  At Brauer Insurance, we are experts at Employee Benefits, some agencies offer Employee Benefits, we specialize in them!  Group Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune!!  We have a progressive, out of the box, strategy that will reduce your cost OVERNIGHT usually a minimum of 20-30%.

If you have an Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, Blue Shield, or Kaiser plan, we can DEFINITELY save you some serious money, and usually increase your benefits.  How?  It takes literally 30 minutes to explain to you.  If you invite me in to your business, I will NEVER try and sell you or put any type of pressure on, its not my style.  If you don’t thing there’s a value with me….you need to stay with your current broker.  There have actually been couple of times that I’ve reviewed the Employee Benefits of a company, discovered that the broker was using a proven “strategy”, did their Quarterly meetings with the employers and shopped it hard each year.  I’ve told those people “you should probably stay where you are….your broker is actually doing a great job!”  Those instances are few and far between!

Usually the employer, if they’re under 30 employees, rarely sees the broker and maybe gets a phone call or an email at renewal time….UNACCEPTABLE!  With our expertise and Added Value Services we completely smoke the competition.

At Brauer Insurance we can prove to you that Employee Benefits and Group Benefits can be not only affordable, but very comprehensive too!

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