Group Employee Benefits-San Jose-California

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS and HEALTH INSURANCE DOES NOT HAVE TO COST A FORTUNE!  If you have a proven “strategy” that works, you can actually increase your benefits in many cases, and LOWER your cost each month.  At Brauer Insurance our strategy is basically to “insure the deductible”.  Its a little more complicated than that, but in essence that’s what we are doing!

If you had heart trouble, would you go see a General Pratitioner??…..I would hope not.  You would see a Cardiologist, because they are a SPECIALIST.  The same goes for Group Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  A broker that “does it all” cannot be a specialist.  The term “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind frequently.  When I left Police work and started my agency in ’03, I wanted to become an expert in one area.  Since then we’ve built our business on the premise that at Brauer Insurance, we have a “strategy” for Group Employee Benefits.  Our strategy revolves around “insuring the deductible”.  It’s actually pretty simple when you break it down.  We consistently reduce Employee Benefit costs by anywhere from 15-60% AND in many cases increase their benefits.

When I meet with business owners, CFOs and HR directors they are skeptical.  I totally understand!  I ask for about 30 minutes for the presentation.  After that, THEY decide if there is a reason for us to do business……if not, no problem.  I will never call them again.  I don’t need to, I have plenty of referral business from companies I ALREADY insure.

If they DO decide that they want to move forward, the transition is VERY easy.  Most times it can be done mid-year, instead of at renewal time.

At Brauer Insurance, our slogan is “To Protect and To Serve”.  Those aren’t just words, its how we do business.  Brauer Insurance is an Independent, No Fee, Family owned business located in the Bay Area.

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