Group Health Benefits, San Jose, California

I’ll say it again…..Group Health Benefits do NOT have to cost a fortune!!  If you have a broker that know what they are doing and “specializes” in Group Health Insurance, or Group Benefits, there are strategies that allow you to get way more benefit without costing more.  The strategy involves “insuring the deductible”……it means basically that!  By using other products to cover your deductible, you can purchase a lesser expensive plan and save tons of money.

At Brauer Insurance, we save all our employers tons with this creative strategy.  I guarantee your current broker doesn’t do it for one of two reasons: either they dont understand it, and they are a “jack of all trades” meaning they sell all kinds of insurance, OR, they are very traditional and don’t believe it will work.

Well…..if you call me, I will give you the name of some big employers in the Bay Area that I insure.  I’ll let them tell you for themselves.  Here’s the difference;  Brauer Insurance knows the dysfunctional, crazy Health Insurance market better than anyone, and we ONLY do Group Health Benefits and Health Insurance.  We do NOT do a bunch of different lines of insurance, I refer all that to others that specialize in it.

We are not a General Practitioner, we are Specialists.  I am licensed with the State of California under the Consumer Driven Health Care, CDHC, certification.  At Brauer Insurance, we stay very current with the ever changing Health Reform in California.  I actually teach Health Reform to other agents.

If you want a “progressive” look at your benefits….I GUARANTEE you I can save you at least 15% to as much as 50%, depending on the plan you currently have WITHOUT reducing benefits.  I’ve grown my business because too many insurance agents don’t know what they are doing, especially with Group Medical Benfits or Group Health Benefits.  This is a very niche market, it is confusing stuff!!

Being a former police sergeant in the City of Santa Clara, I don’t like slimy sales people either…with their white belts and white shoes.  I promise you, if we talk, I will tell you the truth if I can help you or not.  Its either a good fit or its not!!!

Steve Brauer-President…..Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(887) 421-4325, (408) 421-5555.  3150 Almaden Expwy, San Jose, CA 95118