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Business owners have a choice to make….put up with the CONSTANT Health Insurance price increases, lower your coverage or make your employees pay more for the same plan year after year…OR you can actually “strategize” your Employee Benefits and get a better plan for LESS MONEY.  That’s right, less money.  I know, your skeptical.  I would be too.  Give me 30 minutes and I can show you how many employers are doing it.  I promise you I can help you with your Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Brauer Insurance is one of the top agencies in the Bay Area.  We specialize in ONLY Health Insurance for businesses and Group Health Insurance.  We focus on how to use proven strategies to lower your yearly risk AND save you money at the same time.

Any goofy agent can show you plans and help you enroll your employees….that takes NO skill whatsoever!!  Unless they can show you a way to help save you money and NOT reduce your benefits…..shame on them!….seriously.  We make a great commission doing Group Health Insurance and Health Insurance for businesses, we should be earning our money.  That takes me to my next point:

Health Insurance agents currently earn 7% of every dollar that you spend on Health Insurance for your employees…..are they earning their money??  Ask them if they provide Added Value Services like Cobra Administration, EAP services, HR Workplace Compliance, etc…..if they don’t, ask them WHY NOT!  That is how Brauer Insurance gives back to their employer groups, with cool services that they can use to help them run their business AND keep them compliant.  Oh and by the way, ask your agent what they’re doing to keep you and your company compliant with Obamacare Health Reform.  There are compliance paperwork that you need to have on hand for small and large employers both.  Failure to comply can be very expensive.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune.  They really don’t!  Brauer Insurance believes in 3 things:  Strategy, Value, Compliance.  Its how we’ve built our business and how we’ve tripled our bu) siness in the last few years.

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