Health Insurance for businesses, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, CA

If you think you’re paying too much for your Business Health Insurance….you probably are!  There are strategies that help companies lower their Business Health Insurance costs without sacrificing their Employee Benefits.  We can help you “insure your deductible” with our products and strategic approach to Business Health Insurance.  Most businesses already have a broker for their insurance…..I realize that.  As long as they’re meeting with you every quarter, have a workable strategy that they can show you on paper, and provide a bunch of FREE services like Wellness programs (EAP) for your employees, then you should probably NOT call me.

If they can’t show you a strategy, or maybe suggest you move to a cheaper plan to save money…shame on them!!  There are many ways to mitigate much of the cost of Health Insurance without having to go to a cheaper plan.  Any idiot can throw plans around and make those type of suggestions.  That is NOT a trusted advisor or strategist.  You might as well sign up online and not even use a broker… that type of “advice” takes no talent at all!

At Brauer Insurance, we provide not only a strategic way to get in front of the cost of Business Health Insurance, we help you stay compliant with the Health Reform, just in case of an audit.  Cool services like free Cobra administration and an HR Workplace Compliance Center is just a couple of things we provide….FREE.

Brokers make a great living…..why not give something back to the employers that keep you in business.  I GUARANTEE that your current broker doesn’t do a fraction of what we do, or provide for our employer groups.

Being a former Police Sergeant and owning the U-Bake Pizza chain for many years, I have a different perspective about small business.  I know the challenges, struggles and issues that businesses face on a daily basis.  I also know that Business Health Insurance and Employee Benefits are usually the SECOND most costly thing for an employer, right underneath wages.  Why not have a way to strategize your Benefits…’s costing you a fortune…right?

We can help you.  If you’re available for a 30 minute conversation we could determine together if working with us would be a good fit or not.  I promise not to high pressure or be “salesy” at all!!)

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (408) 421-5555