Health Insurance for Start Ups in the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

Lots of Health Insurance Options for Start ups in the Bay Area

If you are thinking of setting up Health Insurance for your Bay Area Start Up, there are many options for you. You can go with a PEO model that is basically your HR Dept. for hire, doing your payroll, Employee Benefits, Business Insurance, etc…It’s an expensive way to go, but many times a good fit for a newly formed business. If you have a person that is in charge of the HR duties of your company, they can find a good Independent Health Insurance broker and have them help with the setting up of your Employee Benefits for the company. The “good” broker will know what type of insurance is a good fit for your industry to attract and retain people. That’s why getting a “Health Broker” is a wise choice…that’s all they do. They are a specialist, not a General Practitioner, and the best part, their services are usually free!

Start Up strategies for setting up Employee Benefits for a new company

There are a few strategies that Start Ups can use to minimize the cost and help attract good people. It takes a bit of “out of the box” thinking, but pays big dividends. You can be as creative as you want to set them up, only limited by your broker’s thinking. I have gone into MANY companies where their broker had never exposed them to the value of doing things a bit differently….most of those companies are MY clients now, because their broker was either not current with the market strategies, or was simply NOT a Specialist and trying to do things like they have for many years. Its a new day now, and honestly most brokers don’t understand Health Insurance….it’s simply too complicated and takes too much time to try and re-learn the new rules.

The advantage of having an Independent Health Insurance agent

There are a couple of advantages to using an agent that ONLY does Health Insurance when you’re trying to set up your Start Up. The first one is because they are Specialists….NOT Generalists. If you had a heart problem you would go to a Cardiologist and probably not a General Practitioner. Same analogy here. It doesn’t cost the client any more money to use a Specialist or a Generalist, so you decide!!

Brauer Insurance is an Independent, Family Owned Health Insurance agency SPECIALIZING in Employee Benefits and Health Insurance. We have over 10 years in the business and are experts at ObamaCare, being State certified in the Health Reform Act.
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