Health Insurance for your business, ObamaCare, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA

If you’re like most employers, you think that Health Insurance for your business is way too expensive, yes is CAN be. When you actually have a strategy for your Health Insurance the costs are usually much less. Brauer Insurance has a strategy that has been used by companies, large and small, for many years now and have been wildly successful. Health Insurance for your business is fairly complicated. If you have an agent or broker that tells you it’s just a matter of picking a plan and signing up….it may be time to get a new agent. Health Insurance for a business is a complex and very time consuming procedure IF you want to do it right. That’s why most businesses use an Independent Broker, like Brauer Insurance. We work for free….our commission is paid by the insurance company when you enroll. By having a strategy for your Health Insurance for your small business, the cost is usually MUCH lower than if you just signed up online or with a broker that is NOT a specialist.

Any idiot can show you plans and sign you up. That takes no skill whatsoever. When you work with an Independent Broker that specializes in Health Insurance for businesses, they are the experts, and they hopefully have a strategy that they can show you….on paper….that helps mitigate much of the cost of traditional Business Health Insurance. The strategy involves pairing products with a result of better benefits for less money. It’s easy to get licensed at Health Insurance for businesses. It’s hard to actually show a VALUE for what you do and figure out a better way to put together an Employee Benefits package for businesses.

Some agencies offer Health Insurance…we SPECIALIZE in it!!

ObamaCare will change the whole landscape for the Health Insurance for businesses field. The employer contributions will be different, there are reporting challenges, tax implications, etc. Most “General Practitioners” will get out of the way for Specialists like us. You pay the same for your Health Insurance, why not have a specialist working for you??

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