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The new Health Reform has been affirmed by the courts now.  Brauer Insurance is on the cutting edge when it comes to how it will be implemented.  There are many compliance issues that employers have to abide by….hopefully with the help of their brokers.  One of the first is coming up in September and how the SPD (Summary Plan Designs) are distributed amongst the employees.  This compliance issue falls on to the EMPLOYER.  Willful failure to comply carries some hefty fines.  If your broker either ignores it, or doesn’t help you with it….there is probably a reason for that.  Maybe they are unaware of it, or maybe they’re just lazy.  Brauer Insurance are SPECIALISTS at Employee Benefits and how it will be impacted by the Health Reform over the next few years.  WE will make sure our clients have all the necessary information AND help them with their SPDs.

Some insurance agencies offer Health Insurance…..we SPECIALIZE in it!

We actually have a strategic method of not only saving companies tons of money, but helping them with HR Compliance issues on a regular basis.  We offer COBRA administration, and a Behavioral Wellness Program at NO COST to our clients.  If your broker reviews your Employee Benefits with you quarterly, has a bunch of cool free services, and helps you strategize your Employee Benefits each year….keep them!  If not….call us.

The Health Reform is here to stay, in some form or another.  Many employers believe that this is the time to enlist the help of Specialists for their Health Insurance…..not General Practitioners.  Brauer Insurance is an Independent, No Fee, Family owned agency that ONLY does Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  We are on the cutting edge of what is going on in Washington and Sacramento.  We are active with the California and Silicon Valley Health Underwriters organizations who have been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Health Reform Act.

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