Kaiser Family Health Insurance, Kaiser Family Insurance, San Jose, CA

Kaiser Family Health Insurance is probably one of the best deals out there.  They have reasonably priced plans, and the Kaiser facilities are second to none!  Brauer Insurance Services is one of the top producers for Kaiser Family Health Insurance plans.  Kaiser has many plans that cover most of what people are looking for including, traditional HMO plans, HMO Deductible plans, High Deductible plans and a few others.

Kaiser Family plans are the same price if you purchase them from Kaiser, online through impersonal E-Health insurance type sites, or an awesome INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned agency like Brauer Insurance.  I’m a retired Police Sergeant.  My entire family are licensed Kaiser Health Insurance brokers that can help you find and purchase the right plan.  Kaiser Family Health Insurance prices are set by the Dept of Insurance of CA and they are the same for everyone.

My favorite plan with Kaiser is the $30/1500 Deductible HMO plan.  This plan has the benefits of a $30 office visit and inexpensive prescription drugs but WITHOUT the high price tag of a traditional Kaiser Family Health Insurance $15 or $20 plan.  The price is actually about 30-40% less with this plan.  There are some drawbacks, but if you have a broker that “specializes” in Kaiser Health Plans, they should be able to advise you and know what they are talking about.

One of my biggest compliments that I’ve received since I’ve become an Independent Broker came when an agent that I really respect, came to me for Kaiser Health Insurance advice.  This agent does many lines of insurance and is well respected.  He came to me BECAUSE he knew that Kaiser was my specialty and he trusted my advice…..I already have a big ego…it became enormous that day!

Please call either of my daughters or myself for some free advice.  We’re pretty friendly and we know what we’re doing!

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