Kaiser group health plans, San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, CA

If you are looking for a group health plan for your employees, Kaiser Group Health Plans may be the answer.  The plans do NOT have to cost you a fortune….they really don’t!  Kaiser has some affordable plans, and coupled with the Brauer Insurance strategy, they are very comprehensive.  Our strategy involves helping you “finance” your Kaiser Health Insurance plan.  You will no longer have to ride the huge increase in premiums each year, you can have more control over what you pay, and the benefits your employees receive.

At Brauer Insurance, we can help you strategize a Kaiser Group Health plan for your business so it won’t break the bank.  Most owners are not aware, that they are only required to contribute half of the employee only premium for someone in their 20’s.  That is literally about $75-$100 a month.  Some owners think they are tied to paying everything…you can even do what we call a “defined contribution”, meaning YOU set the amount you want to contribute and then let the employees pick the plan they want.  If they want an affordable plan, it won’t cost them much.  If they elect an expensive plan, THEY have to cover the difference over the amount you set.

Group Health Plans and especially Kaiser Group Health Plans do NOT have to cost you a fortune…..especially if you have a plan.  I like to say “many agencies OFFER Kaiser Health Insurance, we specialize in it!”  That means when you are a Brauer Insurance client, you are getting experts in the field….Employee Benefits and Health Insurance is ALL we do.  Everything else. like Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Auto, Home, Fire,  is all referred out.

When I started the business, I wanted to become really good at just one thing, instead of being so-so at a bunch of things.  It’s a huge compliment when an insurance agent that has been in the business for a long time, sends us a referral……it really validates the fact that they trust our expertise.  Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, Group Health Plans, is a very niche field.  Many agents are in it, but very few are considered experts.

Let my daughters and I help you and your company come up with a forward thinking, progressive strategy for your Kaiser Group Health Plans.

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