Kaiser Group Insurance, Kaiser Insurance, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA

I’ve said it before…..Kaiser Group Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune!!  It really doesn’t.  The key to that is to have a “benefit strategy”.  That means you have a broker, hopefully an Independent Broker, that specializes in Kaiser Group Benefits or Kaiser Insurance.  Having a “specialist” vs. a “general practitioner” makes all the difference in the world!  Brauer Insurance are EXPERTS at Kaiser Group Insurance….all we do is Employee Benefits, Kaiser Group Health Insurance and Group Benefits.

Brauer Insurance is a NO FEE, Independent, family owned agency with employer groups all over California from San Diego to Lake Tahoe.  We have a “benefit strategy” that I promise you, can save your company some serious money, AND improve the benefits in most cases.  I’m an ex cop, which makes me skeptical about most things…..so if you’re skeptical, I understand that.  If you meet with me for 30 minutes, I can explain the Benefit Strategy.  If it’s not a fit, no big deal…you’ve only wasted 30 minutes.  I promise, NO pressure….seriously, my daughters and I have enough business to keep us busy!

We are a family outfit.  I started the business in 2003 and brought in my daughters in later.  Bonnie started in 2007 and Caelie in 2010.  They pretty much run the show and I think, almost know more about insurance than I do!

Kaiser Group Insurance has many options, in terms of plan designs and prices.  Our benefit strategy works great with some of the plans.  I use the strategy myself with my own agency and family.  Kaiser Insurance is some of the more affordable and comprehensive coverage you can get on the market.  It’s sort of a One Stop Shop.  No need to be sent all over town to get lab work done, an x-ray, or some specialist that you may have to see.

Kaiser Health Insurance at the Santa Clara campus is phenomenal.  They have some of the most state of the art equipment, nice new building, upgraded everything.

If you are looking for Kaiser Group Insurance or Kaiser Insurance for your employees, we can help you navigate the confusing waters of not only Health Insurance but the Health Reform as well.  Oh yeah, we’ll save you a ton of money, AND we’re really nice people!!

Steve Brauer…..President…..Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-4325…..3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118