Kaiser Health Insurance is a real value

If you are an Employer looking to help your employees obtain quality Employee Health Insurance, Kaiser Permanente may be your best option.  Kaiser Health Insurance is very affordable, have 17 plans to choose from, and basically is a one-stop-shop!  When you have Employee Benefits through Kaiser, some people believe you have a total solution to healthcare.  Kaiser has state-of-the-art technology, cutting edge medical data recording, and competitive pricing.

Kaiser Health Insurance also now includes a plan that offers a traditional PPO that is used OUTSIDE the Kaiser facility.  Employees that pick this plan, use basically the same network that Blue Cross, HealthNet, Aetna, Cigna and Blue Shield utilizes.  It was designed to fit employees that had to have the PPO coverage when the rest of the company had the traditional Kaiser coverage.  The Kaiser PPO is on the expensive side….with premiums about 25% higher than most other Kaiser plans, but it serves a specific purpose.

Group Employee Benefits can be very expensive for employers.  The employer’s contribution for each employee is typically at least $100, or 50% of the single employees premium.  Many of the Groups that we insure don’t realize how important the Employee Benefits are to the rank and file employees.  Many times the Health Benefits that employees receive are the only insurance that they have access to for their families!  This is typically because of pre-existing conditions with family members or just the affordability aspect.

Employee Health Insurance should be looked at not only as an investment, but the “financing” of people’s healthcare.  This philosophy of financing, should also involve a “strategy” .  If your broker is not implementing a strategy that you and they worked out, you are getting SHORT CHANGED.  We have developed creative ways to reduce the Health Insurance premiums and Employee Benefits without compromising the benefits.

At Brauer Insurance, we believe that not only should there be a strategy involved, but the broker should be “giving back” to the client.  Our way to give back is to provide FREE services that no other brokers offer.  Visit us at www.brauerinsurance.com, or call us at (408) 421-5555 and I can explain what we can do for your business.

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