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Kaiser Health Insurance can be a great way to get good Health Insurance AND save a little money. Now…if you just enroll in a Kaiser Health Insurance plan or Kaiser Business plan WITHOUT a strategy or business plan, you will be paying what everyone else is paying. Some of our companies have been wildly successful using our Kaiser strategy for slowing and even reversing the constant yearly increases in costs. The Kaiser Health Insurance and Kaiser Business Insurance strategy involves using a pairing method of various insurance products that accomplish the same result, but by different means. I can show you countless examples of companies that have been wildly successful with Brauer Insurance and our strategy. Honestly, it’s NOT rocket science. It’s just a strategy.

With ObamaCare coming in about 6 months, companies HAVE to find ways to not only save money, but become compliant with all of the Health Reform issues in place now, and the tsunami that is coming next year. If you’ve been following the news and keeping up at all on all of the ObamaCare issues, the prices are definitely going to be going up…heck, they’re sky high now!! All the more reason to put together a “financial plan” for the distribution of your healthcare. Kaiser Business Insurance is bound to go up even more than it already is now….how about bending the cost curve a bit and having your employees benefit from not only good Kaiser Health Insurance in San Jose, but saving a ton of money in the process!

At Brauer Insurance we tailor plans to each and every business, all with our strategy in mind. Honestly, some business owners that have Kaiser Business Insurance or Kaiser Health Insurance are a bit conservative and not wanting to try new ideas. The forward thinking folks are the ones that benefit from the Brauer Insurance strategy. We not only help them with their Kaiser Health Insurance, but all of the confusing ObamaCare compliance issues too, and believe me, there are tons…even now in 2013, employers BY LAW have to have certain ObamaCare compliance paperwork on hand or face stiff fines from the IRS and the Dept of Labor (DOL).

Kaiser Business Insurance, Kaiser Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune…..and I can prove it!! Let Brauer Insurance, one of the top Employee Benefit firms in the Bay Area, help you navigate all of the confusing ObamaCare waters…Brauer Insurance Services are FREE.

Some agencies offer Kaiser Health Insurance….we SPECIALIZE in it!!

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