Looking for Employee Health Insurance??

If you are looking for employee health insurance or California employer benefits, we are the agency to see. I am a retired Police Sergeant in the Bay Area and have been consulting businesses with California employer benefits for over 7 years. Our motto is “to protect and to serve”, it’s how we conduct our business. If you want to attract and retain good quality employees, you need to have quality Employee health benefits. They don’t have to be expensive, AND you as the employer, are only responsible for 50% of the EMPLOYEE ONLY PREMIUM. Most business owners don’t know that. California employee health insurance is something that your potential employees look for when they are seeking employment. Next to wages, the most important consideration for potential hires are the company’s EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS. We also provide California Disability insurance, California supplemental insurance, and a host of other quality benefit type products.

Go to our website at www.brauerinsurance.com, or leave me a message and I will be happy to provide you with free advise and FREE California health insurance quotes.

– Steve