Medicare Supplements, San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, CA

If you are close to age 65 and are going to be looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, we are the agency to help you.  I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with mailers, calls and agents trying to sign you up.  At Brauer Insurance we can cut through all the BS and show you exactly the most comprehensive way to move into Medicare with a Supplement plan attached.

At Brauer Insurance, we can help you with every aspect of Medicare, signing up, requirements, everything that is attached to it.  Being a retired Police Sergeant, I know that there are many agents and brokers out there that are hunting for business, its hard to know who to trust!  If you are looking for the right plan at the right price, we are the brokers to help.

Medicare can be very confusing, we have all the contacts to make sure that you’re taken care of.  Usually people that are signing up for Medicare Supplements in San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, prefer the Plan F.  Plan F is the most comprehensive and affordable plan out there.  The price is $119 a month, but that is without the prescription drug plan.  The price is set, whether you use a broker or not, going “direct” to the insurance company will not save you any money.  You just need to find a broker that you trust….that broker will be in charge of your health, so choose wisely!

Medicare Supplements are all the same when it comes to the letter, meaning Plan F with Blue Cross or Blue Shield is the same plan.  You basically have to decide which insurance company you want to go with.  I prefer Blue Shield, mostly because Shield is a not for profit company, AND I have some fantastic connections within Blue Shield to make sure that any issues that arise are handled very swiftly.

Call us if you would like some advice.  I would be happy to help you.

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