Obamacare compliance, Group Health Plans, San Jose, San Francisco, CA

If you are an employer and you are nice enough to have Employee Benefits for your people…..there are  some compliance issues that you HAVE to adhere to now, not only in 2014.

At Brauer Insurance we are experts at Obamacare and keeping our employer groups compliant.  Currently, ALL employers have to have certain documentation available for employees and the DOL (Dept. of Labor) in case of an audit.  It’s pretty simple stuff, but most employers do not have it and the fines are not pretty…$100 per day, per employee.

Brauer Insurance specializes in strategizing Employee Benefits and keeping our employer groups compliant with not only Obamacare, but COBRA, HIPAA, etc….We do all  of this at NO COST TO OUR CLIENTS.  We make a great commission, why not actually work for it.  Any broker can throw plans around and suggest cheap insurance  or give “advice” about how to downgrade plans to save money….that takes no skill whatsover. We have a proven “strategy” that helps companies bend  the cost curve without sacrificing the Benefits.  It CAN be done…I promise you.

Great service, fun people, prompt, easy to work with….WHO CARES!!!!…..Most agencies have all of this.  If I can’t provide you with VALUE, and a reason to do business with us, you might as well just sign up online.  We do more than quote plans and help you enroll.  We believe in helping companies “strategize” their Employee Benefits.  It’s usually the second biggest expense for a business…why NOT have a “financial plan” approach, or at least look at one.

Brauer Insurance is one of the Bay Area leaders in Obamacare compliance and is becoming certified with the State of CA in Health Care Reform.  We are doing this to continue our learning, and show our commitment to our clients.  We are on the cutting edge of PPACA legislation and how it will, and already does, affect our businesses.


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