Obamacare Health Insurance Morgan Hill, Gilroy, CA

Obamacare Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune…it really doesn’t. Brauer Insurance has many strategies to mitigate much of the cost of expensive health plans, or at least make them a bit more affordable. If your broker cannot EXPLAIN the strategy they use to help you save money…that may be an issue. We look at Employee Benefits and Obamacare Health Insurance like a “financial plan”. When you do that, it takes on a whole new mindset. Health Insurance and Employee Benefits are typically the second most costly items for a company, right underneath payroll. Why NOT have an actual roadmap or strategy for it?? I can show you many examples of companies, large and small, that have been wildly successful using our strategy for Obamacare Health Insurance.

Obamacare Health Insurance in Morgan Hill or Gilroy can be expensive…VERY expensive. But, it does not have to be. At Brauer Insurance we specialize in Obamacare Health Insurance. Our tagline is “some agencies offer Health Insurance….we specialize in it!” Health Insurance is an insurance product all on it’s own. There are nuances to it that most agents that dabble in it, are not aware of. I like to use this example: If you had a heart condition, and the price of a Cardiologist was the SAME as a General Practitioner, who would you go to?? Exactly…me too. I admit that insurance is not rocket science, but there absolutely IS a unique and dysfunctional product. If an agent tries to “do it all” and does not specialize, their book of business suffers.

Obamacare Health Insurance can be purchased through an agent at the same price, either in or out of the Health Insurance Exchange. Our services are free…we get paid from the insurance company, the commission is built into the premium. The prices are set by the State of CA…no agent can get you a better price for the same product. If they say they can, they’re lying.

If you live in Gilroy or Morgan Hill and are looking into Obamacare Health Insurance or need help with Obamacare, we can help. We are certified in Obamacare compliance and Health Reform from the State of CA.

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