San Jose employer group benefits for employees

Group health insurance is changing and to keep up with the times and most current plans, you’re going to need a broker.  A good one.  You’ve come to the right brokerage.

We are based out of San Jose, CA and have been here for almost ten years.  We have experience in all types of group settings: professional, blue collar, and others.  Let us help you look over your employee benefits and see if the strategy we have in place would be a good fit.

When we get a call from an employer of a small group in San Jose or Saratoga, we look at a few different aspects.  We get to know the employer and see what they are looking for when it comes to their needs for health insurance benefits.  We have a wide range of employers who we offer benefits to: some want to fund everything, some want to put the responsibility on the employee.  Any time an employer offers group benefits to their employees (that means medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability), they are giving them an amazing opportunity.

The healthcare reform has changed a lot of things, but the health insurance market is still closed off to people who have preexisting conditions.  There are plans in place for those people but there are certain qualifications they need to meet.  For example, they need to be uninsured for at least six months.  If you have medication you’re taking, you can’t afford to do that!  There are flaws in the system, but with group benefits, there is no underwriting necessary.  Anyone can get on a group plan, even if they just suffered a major heart attack or have any kind of cancer.

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