Small business health insurance

If you are looking for affordable and comprehensive Small Business Health Insurance, Brauer Insurance is where you want to start.  We are an INDEPENDENT, no fee agency, which means that we work for the consumer, NOT an insurance company.  Honestly, we don’t even LIKE insurance companies, we view them as a “necessary evil”.  Health Insurance is a necessity, especially if you have any tangible assets.  If you own your own business and have employees, THEY need insurance too.  Small business health insurance is NOT that expensive.  If you are in your 20’s, your policy can be about $150 a month, for a pretty good plan with Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, HealthNet.

At Brauer Insurance, we help large, medium and small businesses.  Corporations, LLC’s, Sole Props, Husband-Wife businesses, etc.  We are experts at finding exactly what fits your needs, and we know how to get it done!  Small Business Health Insurance is definitely a “niche” market.  If your broker doesn’t specialize, or focus on Group Health Insurance or Small Business Health Insurance, you are NOT getting the best bang for the buck.

Our tagline is “To Protect and To Serve”…those aren’t just words, it’s how we run our business.  We help business owners strategize the “financing of their healthcare“.  That means that we actually have a PLAN for how to save you money….we don’t just ask you to move to a cheaper plan.  Switching to a cheaper plan just means that you are compromising your Group Benefits, to save money.  Let us show you how you can save money WITHOUT lowering your benefit structure.  If I can’t make a significant impact on your company, there’s no reason for us to do business.  I’ve walked out of more than one business after telling the owner I just can’t help him.

Group Health Insurance or California Employee Health Insurance is just TOO important to have a broker that is not at the top of his game.  ALL we do is Group Insurance and Health Insurance.  I’m a retired Police Detective with almost 30 years of public service…let me help you save money and NOT compromise your healthcare.  Again….if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you!!

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