Small Group Employee Benefits in San Jose, CA

If you are an employer or group representative and are looking for affordable group benefits for your company, you have come to the right page!  We are Brauer Insurance Services based out of San Jose, CA and have been serving the community here in San Jose for over eight years.  We are brokers and the best part is– we are completely free to you!

Any small group employers or families/individuals health insurance plans are all made as if you have a broker/agent helping you with your health insurance.  The broker rates are already built in which means if you have a broker or not, you are paying for one.

Many of our small groups in San Jose, CA and Mountain View, CA are very excited to hear that we can be the ones adding and terminating employees on their behalf.  The employers never have to spend one second on the phone or on hold with Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net or Blue Shield.  We do it all.

One of the best things that we do for our small business clients who offer medical benefits to their employees is that we fight for our clients.  We are onyour side.  We don’t work for the health insurance companies– we work for you.  Let us know if you could use a broker– you can switch them at any time, on and off renewal.

Let us surprise you and be your broker! (408) 421-5555