Start up business Health Insurance, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, CA

Business Insurance for Start Ups do NOT have to cost you a fortune, especially Health Insurance for Start Ups. There are many ways to strategize Business Health Insurance for it not to break the bank. Many agents that do not specialize in Business Health Insurance would have you believe that the price is the price. While that is true for the plans themselves….there is a workable strategy, or “financial plan” of sorts that you can utilize to help mitigate much of the cost of Start up Business Health Insurance. At Brauer Insurance, we’ve helped tons of new Start ups that needed business Health Insurance, but thought that they could not afford it.

A good Business Health Insurance plan with Kaiser, Blue Cross or even United, can be crafted to the individual needs of the business. Many business owners are unaware that the company’s minimum contribution for a Business Health Plan is only about $100 a month per employee. When hiring employees nowadays, one of the most important things for them ARE the benefits…but not only the Business Health Insurance benefits, but how affordable those benefits are. Brauer Insurance is not only an expert in the ObamaCare Health Reform Act but HOW ObamaCare can actually help small businesses with the tax credits and subsidies.

If you have a plan in place now and you feel that you are paying too much, there is a good chance that you are! We recently took over a Start Up Business Health Insurance plan for a small tech company that was paying WAY too much for their Business Health Insurance. We were able to save them several thousand dollars A MONTH and actually increase the Benefits of their plan. I can show you example after example of how we have helped not only Start ups, but Business Health Insurance in general. The strategy is an out of the box, progressive approach that gets results….I’ve had many brokers that have been in the business much longer than I, approach me and ask me how we do it. I can show you in about 20 minutes, and then honestly, it’s either a “fit” or its not.

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