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“To Protect and To Serve” is not just our slogan,
it’s how we do business!

Brauer Insurance is a certified expert in the Affordable Care Act, Consumer Driven Health Care, and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) with the State of CA. That means we know all about health insurance as well as Employee Benefits for small and large companies. We leverage our knowledge to provide innovative health insurance coverage that maximizes benefits and minimizes costs.

If you are searching for a way to reduce your cost without compromising benefits, you will find that our “strategy” may work well for your company.

Steve’s Story

On duty injury leads to career change

It all started when I was recovering from an on-duty injury as a police detective in 2002.  The dysfunctionality of health insurance intrigued me. I was an Undercover Narcotic Agent for about 10 years during my 25-years on the job, and I have a knack for solving problems.  Most people run away from chaos, cops run towards it. There are so many problems with the health insurance industry, and I love to problem solve, so it was a natural fit! Even though I could have completely retired in 2008, I chose this second career to have a purpose in life while spending time with the family. In 2003 I started my insurance career specializing in Group health insurance related products for businesses.

Small Business can save BIG

Here is a story of how we saved a small business about $35,000: A Technology company came to us for a second opinion about their Group Benefits Plan that was costing them $55,000 a month.  We worked with the CFO, CEO, and HR Director to strategize a plan. We saved them almost $35,000 a year in Group Health Insurance premiums. We calculated that, over several years, the company had wasted almost $250,000. This client was so pleased that they’ve referred us to many other companies and they’ve become our family friends.

Been there, done that!

I understand quite a bit about small businesses.  I founded and managed the U Bake Pizza chain in San Jose for about 14 years. That taught me how hard it is to attract and retain good employees with benefits, to stay profitable after paying rent, payroll, taxes, health care. I have been there, done that.

I chose to focus on helping small businesses with 1-100 employees.  For larger companies, we have rock star referral partners.

What you don’t know WILL hurt you

Most employers don’t even know they’re spending too much on their Group Benefits, and are completely out of compliance with the ObamaCare laws.  Most of them don’t have a broker that specializes in Group Benefits. I want you to know that we have your backs.   

When it comes to putting together benefit plans for companies and saving them lots of money, we love to be creative and strategic.  To keep business owners trouble-free, we pay for multiple HR services for our clients, such as Federal COBRA and Section 125 plans.

We get all the necessary documents filed on their behalf, so you can focus on what they do best, – running their business!. I’m very OCD about this! Nothing falls through the cracks!

My Team, My Family

My team protects and serves small businesses with the best benefits at the lowest cost.  I’m very proud of what we do, and that we come from diverse backgrounds.

Bonnie is very detail oriented, (she got the OCD from me), which means that she never misses a deadline, and has a lot of compassion for entrepreneurs.  

Leslie has our back office in order and keeps the Brauer machine on track.  Leslie is, my partner and wife of 40 years. We enjoy our three children, several grandchildren, and our Almaden Valley home.

In the engine room, Russell is our tech genius and has a knack for problem-solving.  

Judy Pearce, another ex-cop from back East, is our in-house HR Attorney, keeping our Group Insurance clients out of trouble.  

John Bills is our Commercial Insurance guru, with the coveted CIC designation.

My team provides MORE services than what the larger agencies offer,  such as an online HR platform, ERISA documents, and other compliance paperwork.  Our clients not only get a true expert in Group Health Insurance, but also the personal attention and accountability, instead of an invisible “Account Manager”.  We don’t need a fancy schmancy downtown office to protect and serve you. We return your calls or emails within hours, not days. We treat our clients like family and guide small businesses out of the legal maze. We are always on the cutting edge, or try to be.  We customize each company’s strategy, to give you the maximum benefits at the best pricing, rather than using some cookie-cutting forms.

Steve Brauer


Steve Brauer, founder and principal of Brauer Insurance LLC has served for 25 years the South Bay community as a Detective Sergeant with a local police agency.  For 15 years he continues to protect and serve Small Businesses as a recognized Group Health and Group Benefits Independent Broker. He is bringing up the next Generation of leadership for Brauer Insurance to continue his legacy: “To Protect and To Serve.”

Bonnie Brauer Shelton

Broker – Account Manager

Bonnie began her insurance career in 2008.  She graduated from San Jose State University and opened a piano school teaching young children theory and lesson.  In addition to writing insurance, Bonnie is our “go to person” for much of the account managing and claims issues for groups.  Bonnie loves quilting, problem solving and spending time with her husband and their 3 young children.

Meet Our Team

Russell Brauer

Russell Brauer

Broker – Computer IT

Russell is our newest Broker in the Brauer Insurance family. Licensed in 2014, and learning the business, he helps manage our group and individual business. Russell also handles all of the technical aspects of the office. He’s our computer wizard, loves backpacking, training his dogs and baking.

Joyce Pearce

Judy Pearce

Human Resources – Attorney

Judy is our resident HR attorney and consultant. She works with our groups on issues ranging from compliance, legal, recruiting, employment and more.  Impressively, Judy is an ex-cop and was the first HR consultant for Google when they began, which explains Google’s phenomenal success!

Leslie Brauer

Broker – Bookkeeper

Leslie, Steve’s wife of almost 40 years, is originally from Santa Clara and co-founded the U-Bake Pizza stores with Steve and is previously with Kaiser Permanente. She primarily works the back office keeping the financials in order. Leslie enjoys grandchildren, quilting, cooking and her horses.

John Bills

John Bills

Commercial Property & Casualty Specialist

John is our referral partner for Commercial Insurance needs for small businesses.  He possesses the prestigious (CIC) certification, Construction Insurance Consultant). John handles small businesses Workers Comp, General Liability, E+O, Commercial Auto, Business Property and Bonds.

Samples of our clients:

Tech Companies • Service Companies • Professional Organizations • Non-Profits • Family-owned businesses • Law Firms

Some of our clients include:

Hydrex Pest Control • La Victoria Taqueria • 2XL Trucking

State Farm • Orion Security • Aquatek Plumbing • Nanolab Technologies

We are the recognized expert focusing
ONLY on Group Health Insurance.

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