Employee Benefits

To Protect and to Serve
Employee benefits for employers should not cost you a fortune. Whether it’s medical, dental, vision, or life, we can help you maximize your dollars and help you maintain the team you’ve worked hard to build. When you and your employees view health benefits as an investment, it becomes a different conversation. With benefits being just under wages for the most expensive item for companies, a good strategy partner is essential. For our clients we offer a wide range of value-added services at no cost to them:

Group Health Insurance

Due to the complicated and consuming nature of the health industry, we decided to focus solely on health benefits. Those benefits include medical, dental, vision and life insurance. While group health plans are typically expensive, we work to maximize every dollar spent.

Group Medical Plans

Group Health Plans are usually structured in one of several ways:

Other Popular Employee Benefits

Employers are always looking for ways to attract and retain quality employees. A comprehensive benefits package will give you the competitive edge you need in today’s marketplace.

What a Clients Think

"If you are a small/medium size business owner and are looking for an experienced, trustworthy and reasonable Group Insurance provider, the Brauer team are fantastic to work with! Family owned and operated, they treat their clients like family and always have your best interest in mind, vs. a larger carrier who may just care about making a buck. They offer personalized attention and assistance in navigating all of the sticky and tricky new changes for healthcare. It can be a very confusing process, but Brauer Insurance makes it easy and does the navigating and research for you. I highly recommend them and it is always a pleasure to work with Steve!"​
Michelle H. San Jose
"I’m responsible for the HR functions of our company of 35 employees. We met Steve and Bonnie from another business owner that had raved about them. Since taking over our account, they have helped us get compliant with all of the ObamaCare mandates and also saved us a ton of money at renewal."
Christina B. CA

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