Affordable Care Act (ACA)-
For Small Businesses

To Protect and to Serve
There have been many changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare. Groups with over 50 employees have to comply with the Employer Mandate which requires them to offer health insurance to their full-time workers.

Tax Credits

If you are a small business employer, you may be able eligible for tax credits from the government of up to 50% of the health insurance premiums paid by the employer. We always recommend researching with your CPA to see if you qualify as a business. The health insurance plans have to be purchased through the Covered CA Small Business (CCSB) to be eligible for the credit. Though very few qualify for the tax credit, it is definitely worth investigating. If your CPA says you are eligible, we will get you and your employees enrolled you in this program.

Health Reform Compliance

We help keep our clients compliant.

As a small business owner, compliance is based on your number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees. There are typically three categories which small businesses fall under: 1-19 employees, 20-49 employees, and 50-99 employees. Each category has increasing compliances and restrictions associated with it.