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“If you are a small/medium size business owner and are looking for an experienced, trustworthy and reasonable Group Insurance provider, the Brauer team are fantastic to work with!  Family owned and operated, they treat their clients like family and always have your best interest in mind, vs. a larger carrier who may just care about making a buck.  They offer personalized attention and assistance in navigating all of the sticky and tricky new changes for healthcare.  It can be a very confusing process, but Brauer Insurance makes it easy and does the navigating and research for you.  I highly recommend them and it is always a pleasure to work with Steve!”  –  Michelle H.  San Jose

“Wow! In my 10+ years experience as a financial advisor I have never met a more competent, kind, generous and service-oriented insurance company. Steve Brauer and his team are phenomenal people who know more than anyone I’ve ever met about health insurance. After years of overpaying Steve helped us find a perfect and affordable policy for our team.

Additionally, this year he volunteered to educate a group of financial advisors on all things Obamacare and did a wonderful job. I cannot emphasize the value of working with a team that knows their way around the current insurance environment.

I highly recommend Steve and his team for any type of insurance needs. You simply cannot go wrong when you work with the best!”  – Angela M. San Francisco, CA

“I’m responsible for the HR functions of our company of 35 employees. We met Steve and Bonnie from another business owner that had raved about them.  Since taking over our account, they have helped us get compliant with all of the ObamaCare mandates and also saved us a ton of money at renewal.” Christina B.  CA

“Being in charge of the finances for a medium sized company means keeping an eye on the bottom line while balancing the needs of the employees.  As the CFO, I had the good fortune of working with Steve and Bonnie at Brauer Insurance.  They were able to actually get us under budget by using an out of the box strategy for our company benefits.” – Seth T. CA

“Working for a small(er) law firm, we were perplexed about our health care options. Fortunately, we found Brauer insurance. We were impressed that Steven took the time to explain all of our options and provided the pros and cons for each plan, as well as the “real” costs. Due to our size, we were not necessarily anticipating the customized and personal service that we received, and we were extremely appreciative of the services provided by Steve Brauer and his company.  We anticipate a long-term relationship with his insurance services.” – Sarah B. San Jose, CA

“I have a start up here in the bay area, so naturally, I needed to get group insurance. I called a plethora of health insurance brokers but after talking to Steve I knew that I wanted him and his family to handle my business. Since Steve specializes in group health insurance, his knowledge is near encyclopedic. Thanks Brauer Insurance!” – Fiona P, San Jose, CA

Steve is great to work with!  He set our company up as a group with Kaiser.  He explained everything, made suggestions and guided us through the process.  He even dealt with picky spouses and was patient and helpful.  As a company their customer service skills are excellent!” – Penny J.  San Jose

“I don’t like having to think about getting employee benefits, but it’s a necessary evil. When I heard from a friend about Brauer Insurance and their level of integrity, I had to contact them. I talked to Steve and he didn’t try to sell me on anything. All he did was educate me on all things health insurance.

He had my best interests in mind and saved our small business A LOT of money per month just by being aware about what’s on the market right now.

The best part about Steve is that he will let you know what your best options are….even if that means staying with whatever current broker you have (which means he gets nothing for the time and advice he gives you!)

You can tell he’s in this business for the right reasons. Thanks Steve!!” – Taylor B. Campbell, CA

“I was the HR Manager overseeing a merger for one of the companies Steve insured. Steve and his team always went out of their way to make sure they explained all the options and was very patient in answering all the silly questions we asked. They always remember to check in with me from time to time making sure everything was going well and helped in making the choices that worked best for different situations. If you are looking for the best, and personalized service, I would highly recommend Brauer Insurance Services! Thank you guys and keep up the great work!” – Wendy B. Mountain View, CA

“I had never done business with this company before.  I called and left a message for Steve.  I had a few questions about a lapse in medical coverage that was looming in the future.  He called me back and answered my questions thoroughly and was extremely helpful.  He put my mind at ease, and I’m not even a client.  But I plan to be in the near future!” – Mike C. San Jose, CA

“Steve and his team were referred to our company as we were transitioning between brokers. They came in and were very knowledgeable regarding the new ACA laws and attentive to our needs. Steve and his family are very easy to work with and everyone is very helpful, even on weekends!

They go over and beyond what a broker should do and it’s been a tremendous help since being on maternity leave during our benefits renewal. They listen to what you want and make suggestions based on your needs. Options you wouldn’t have otherwise tried because you didn’t have the knowledge before. You’re in good hands with Brauer Insurance, individual or company!” – Jennifer M.  CA

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“We have used Steve and his team consistently in the past two years as our go to person for group health insurance. He’s gone as far as SoCal with us to present to clients.  Steve has great follow up and is involved in his community not only because of his business but also through his outstanding career in as a police officer.  He has not only saved my clients money, but he has saved them a ton of headaches by ensuring they have the right coverage.”  – Mark W.  Milpitas, CA

“We found Steve and his colleagues thoughtful and concerned about the type and level of health insurance we should purchase for our firm and staff.  Among other things Steve recommended we stay with our current carrier until such time as he was able to obtain improved coverage at an affordable cost for our small business. He then came back after a month and was able to put a package together for our particular needs. It has been a very painless and smooth process. I wish everyone’s service was like his.”  – Malika J.  Los Altos, CA

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