Anthem Blue Cross insurance, Group Employee Benefits, San Jose, Sunnyvale, CA

Anthem Blue Cross insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune.  There are Anthem Blue Cross plans out there that are about $150 a month, for someone in their 20’s.  As an employer, you’re only responsible for $75 a month.  To be able to offer that to your employees is HUGE!  Many times this is the only insurance their family has access to.  It’s a great way to attract and retain good people.  More and more, people will accept or decline a job because of the Group Employee Benefits.  Anthem Blue Cross has several plans that are very affordable.

At Brauer Insurance, we have ways to strategize the Anthem Blue Cross plans, allowing the employers to forecast what they spend each year and NOT have to absorb the price increases year after year.  Our “strategy” involves combining benefits with an end result of money savings AND better benefits.  That means happier employees and helping your bottom line at the same time.  Anthem Blue Cross has some of the most progressive and affordable Group Employee Benefits on the market.  They have all the expensive plans too, but their mid-range portfolios are very robust.

Group Employee Benefits in San Jose and Sunnyvale do NOT have to cost a fortune…..I promise you.  Being a former Police Sergeant, I’m pretty skeptical of most things.  If you give us 30 minutes, you can figure out if working with us is a good “fit”….if not, no big deal!  I won’t hound or stalk you…I really don’t need the business that bad.  What I can do, is give you some real examples, testimonials of current clients and show you how we have helped them and let you make up your own mind.

Brauer Insurance Services LLC is a top producer for Anthem Blue Cross and other carriers.  Why…..because we ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  We’re specialists, NOT General Practitioners like many agents and brokers.  If you want Life Insurance or Long Term Care, or Auto, Home, etc…..I can refer you to some rock star brokers, it’s just not us.  It took me years to become and expert at Employee Benefits, Group Employee Benefits and Anthem Blue Cross Insurance.

If you never call us, do yourself a favor and find an INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned agency that knows the market and has a “strategy” for helping companies with their Employee Benefits.

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