Business Health Insurance, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, CA

If you think you’re paying too much for Employee Benefits or Business Health Insurance, you probably ARE!  At Brauer Insurance we specialize in helping companies strategize their Employee Benefit offerings.  The difference with us is that we are an Independent, NO FEE, family owned agency…..ALL we do is Business Health Insurance and Group Health Plans.

California Business Health Insurance can be crazy expensive if you don’t have a plan….or “strategy”.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I can give you many examples and testimonials from current clients that have been WILDLY successful using our system.  It’s not a gimmick and it doesn’t involve magic.  Just a progressive, forward thinking strategy that allows companies to have more control of their finances.  Employee Benefits and Business Health Insurance is the second most costly item for a company…..doesn’t it make sense to strategize it??

At Brauer Insurance we also offer a bunch of FREE value add services that CFOs, Controllers, and business owners find very useful to help run their business.  Cobra Administration, Behavioral Wellness plan, and an online HR Compliance Center are just a few of the services.  We make a great living, the commission is pretty good……we feel the need to give some of that back to our clients.

If you have a broker that strategizes, services you well, and has a lot of added services that you enjoy, there is probably not a need for Brauer Insurance.  BUT…..if your broker doesn’t do that, maybe we should have a conversation.  I promise not to stalk you or pursue you endlessly…..frankly, I don’t need the business that badly!!  If our system makes sense, great!  If not, not a problem!

Brauer Insurance is located in San Jose, but we have clients up and down California to provide Business Health Insurance, Employee Benefits and Group Health Plans to companies in any city in CA.  Employee Benefits in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Mountain View, Milpitas, Bay Area.

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