Employee Benefits, Group Health Plans, San Jose, CA

Employee Benefits or Group Health Plans do NOT have to cost you a fortune in the Bay Area, they really don’t.  At Brauer Insurance, we provide our Employee Benefit clients with a workable, progressive strategy to help them not only save a bunch of money, but get more control of their expenditures.

If your agent helps you review your Group Health Plan or Employee Benefits quarterly, has a “strategy” that they can actually put on paper, and offers you a bunch of free services that help you run your business….keep them!!  If not, call us.  Our Employee Benefit clients have access to our free services….. HR Compliance Center, a Behavioral Wellness plan, Cobra administration, etc.

Brauer Insurance believes in giving back to our clients in the form of useful services and money saving strategies.  Group Health Plans and Employee Benefits are the second biggest costs for companies……wouldn’t it be nice to strategize that expense?  Believe me, this is NOT rocket science, but there IS a formula to it.  Ask your agent if they have a strategy, if not, ask them why!

Employee Health Benefits are even more important to prospective employees and to retain the good people you have now.  Studies have shown that people are even more interested in a company’s Employee Benefits over a slightly larger salary.  Having good Employee Benefits is really NOT that expensive.  Your contribution, as an employer, is not as much as you think.  You can get into a really comprehensive Group Health plan for about $100 a month per employee.  Much less than most employers think.  And surprisingly, Group Dental plans are HUGELY popular with employees…..and they are very inexpensive, with no waiting periods and great benefits.  We routinely put companies into dental plans for about $40-$65 a month per employee.

Brauer Insurance is a NO FEE, Independent, Employee Benefits agency that specializes in Group Health Plans……we are family owned and operated.

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