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Employer Health Insurance and funding an Employee Benefit Program does NOT have to cost the company a fortune!  With the Brauer Insurance “strategy” companies have been wildly successful with implementing benefit programs for much less than was expected.  If you have an Employee Benefit Program in place now and you think you’re paying too much, you have to ask yourself, “what is my broker doing to help me save money, what is their strategy.”  If the answer is that the broker suggests that you go to a cheaper plan, or pass the cost increase on to your employees…..it may be time to look for a new broker.  A broker that has a plan.  A strategic plan.  At Brauer Insurance we can show you a very creative way to put YOU in the drivers seat, in terms of controlling costs and increasing benefits for your people.

I’m sure you’re skeptical, I would be too.  Being a cop for 25 years made me skeptical of most things…..including sales people.  So, now that I’M a sales person, I understand the distrust.  But I will promise you, neither myself or my daughters (both agents), will try and trick you, sell you something you don’t want, or be sleazy in any way.  What we do is a simple strategy that we’ve designed to help any size business fight the high cost of major medical plans, like Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, United, Aetna, Blue Shield, etc.

Employer Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Programs are usually ridiculously expensive, and that’s how we’ve built our business.  Showing companies a more progressive way to administer excellent and comprehensive Employer Health Insurance or Employee Benefits is what we do.  Time and time again, I’ve done presentations in front of CEOs, CFOs, and HR professionals that are skeptical.  They have been programmed to doing Employee Benefits a certain way, so it took some time to “absorb” the concept of what we do.  Once they do, and the light bulb goes on, they become instant Brauer Insurance fans.

I can show you examples, and give you testimonials of satisfied Employer Groups we stole from other brokers that are doing “business as usual”.

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