Group Health Benefits – San Jose / Santa Clara

Here at Brauer Insurance we have an important role in informing our group employers about what their group health insurance coverage offers. If your current health insurance broker doesn’t take the time to go over the needs of his small business employee benefits group then why not give us a call? We SPECIALIZE in small group and large group health benefits. If brokers who don’t specialize in specific employee health insurance then they might not fully explore all the available health benefit educational tools that we are available to. Without these health benefit educational tools our current groups would be more likely to make uninformed coverage decisions for themselves and their families. With our business employee benefits education we read, understand, and breathe group health insurance. If there is a way for you to save money on your employee benefits, we’d find it.

Benefits education is simply this: a step toward effectively choosing employee benefits through carefully reading and understanding each possible cost and trying to lower it. Also we want employee satisfaction as well so we add other benefits such as a TPA for Cobra, an EAP, and an extremely knowledgeable staff who is always willing to call for an employee to check out a claim.

We have a variety of online tools to help our company be the best. Knowing that we are getting the correct information out there for our groups is one of top goals. We thrive on knowing that our small and large groups are being able to save tons of money just by contacting us with questions about their group medical benefits. I’d say that 9 out 10 times we are able to save you money. And if we can’t then we’ll tell you that. We proud of the fact that there are other brokers out there helping employer groups with correct information and who actually listen to what the group wants. We are here to help you with anything you may need, so why not give us a call??

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