Looking for Employee Benefits in San Jose and Mountain View, CA

Here at Brauer Insurance Services, we specialize in employee benefits for small businesses in San Jose, CA and Mountain View, CA.  Health Insurance is so important and it is such an in depth field of study, we decided to specialize just in it.  We have many other brokers we work with for other specialties, but we know that health insurance is very specific.

Bills come and go off the desks of employers and so many times they are overlooked because people have no idea the amount of money they could be saving on their health insurance.   The best way to have us help you is to talk to us on the phone, and then fax us a copy of your health insurance bill.  Feel free to block out any private information.  Once we overlook the bills, we would make an appointment and bring some quotes with us!  There are so many different options for health insurance carriers and there are ways to become creative and save you money!

Sometimes change is hard, but times are changing and health insurance is first in line.  With all the hype of Obamacare and Healthcare Reform, this is definitely the time to reexamine your employee benefits.  If you live in San Jose or Mountain View or have a company based out of these two cities, please give us a call!  We are well versed in the small business health insurance market and would like nothing more than to help you save money.

One other thing that we provide for small businesses besides the health insurance, is the security in knowing that your group is being covered legally.  So many problems arise when healthcare is not taken care of properly, or offered correctly.  We take care of that liability for our groups in offering third party administrators free of charge.  Let us know if you would like any information about our services for your small business located in San Jose or Mountain View, CA!  (408) 421-5555


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