States may have the ability to make changes to the ACA that affect coverage and subsidies

Built into the ACA is section 1332 which allows individual states to make changes to not only coverage but to the offered subsidies to Individual and Group Health Plans.  The Minimal Essential Coverage of Employee Benefit plans can be altered, and probably will be.  We should see some ruling very soon concerning how changes can happen and how much.  ACA proponents are worried that it is slowly being chipped away with all of the rulings and the current political landscape.  I’m fairly certain about one thing….the ACA, even though it may change, is not going away, no matter who is in office.  Why?  There is nothing to replace it that is comprehensive and affordable.

Lots of ideas about how to get rid of ObamaCare, none of which are affordable

The big joke when the Affordable Care Act started was that it was anything but affordable.  Its had a lot of names that I won’t repeat, but one of the more common names is the UN-Affordable Care Act.  Since its inception in 2010, prices of Group Health Insurance Plans and even Health Insurance Plans, have risen probably well over 150%.  Where’s the “affordability”?  One of the ideas is “Medicare for all”.  Nice idea, again, how are we going to pay for it?  Lots of great ideas, but no one wants to shell out huge bucks to fund these ideas

GOP tax cuts have actually helped employers offer Group Health Insurance

With President Trump signing into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it has significantly lowered everyone’s tax bracket and also corporate taxes from 35% to 21%, allowing employers to be able to offer Group Benefits to their employees with he extra money.  I have personally helped several employers, who, because of the tax breaks, are now offering Employee Benefits to their people.  Companies with under 50 employees are not required to offer the Group Health Insurance, but the numbers of employers now offering Employee Benefits are rising, according to many of the Group Benefit publications from April through July.

If companies want to attract and retain good people, Employee Benefits are definitely one of the key components.   In the Bay Area, companies are competing with Apple, Google, Ebay, and a whole host of others for good employees.

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