Affordable Group Health Insurance, Affordable Employee Benefits, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, CA

You CAN have affordable Group Health Insurance for your company.  There are ways to “strategize” your Employee Benefits to reduce costs AND improve benefits….it CAN be done, I promise you!  If you have a broker that specializes in Health Insurance, they should be able to structure either a tax strategy plans, or have a way to help your employees insure their deductible.  I like to think of it like this…..if you had a heart condition, would you go see a General Practitioner or a Cardiologist.  NOW, what if their services were free?  Exactly.

Brauer Insurance doesn’t just offer Health Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in it!

We are an Independent, no fee, family owned and operated, agency the ONLY does Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  I decided a long time ago, when I left Law Enforcement, that I wanted to become an “expert” at just one thing….instead of just being “good” at a bunch of things.  There are SO many aspects and nuances with Health Insurance, if you have someone that tries to do other types of insurance AND Health Insurance, they will never be a master at their skill.  There are only a limited amount of hours in the day, not enough to keep current on Obamacare and do other lines of insurance….it’s just not possible.

If you offer Group Health Insurance or Employee Benefits to your people, you are required by law to conform to the Health Reform, Obamacare compliance issues mandated.  For groups under 50 employees, there are specific things you must do as an employer to stay compliant, in case of an audit.  Like OSHA, you do NOT want a Dept of Labor audit coming down on you.  The paperwork is fairly simple and is company specific, in terms of the benefits offered.

Health Insurance for Small Businesses do not have to cost you a fortune…they really don’t!  A good referral for us is a business owner that THINKS they are paying too much..if they think they are, they are probably right!  I can show them a unique, progressive way to stop the constant double digit increases from the insurance companies.  It’s not magic or a gimmick.  It’s a “financial plan” for your healthcare and how you deliver Employee Benefits to your employees.

Call us…if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you!

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