Small group Health Insurance, Employee Benefits for businesses, Mountain View, Redwood City, San Mateo, CA

Small Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits do NOT have to cost you a fortune…they really don’t.  If your broker does not have a Benefits Strategy that they can show you on paper, there’s a good chance you are wasting money.  Besides giving our clients some pretty fantastic added value services, we have an actual strategy that many employers find to be not only money saving, but gives them the ability to offer their employees BETTER benefits than they had.

Small Group Health Insurance agents make a good commission.  When I started our business, I wanted to make sure my clients got their money’s worth.  We believe there is a better way to administer Employee Benefits other than just throwing plans around and reducing Employee Benefits each year to keep costs low.  We believe in more of a “financial plan” for your insurance…why not, it’s usually the second largest expense item for a company right underneath wages.  We believe in the “financing of your healthcare”.

There are tax strategy plans, and even products that help employees “insure” their deductible, or even a combination of both.  Brauer Insurance is one of the leading Employee Benefit agencies in the Bay Area.  We are an Independent, Family Owned and operated agency based in San Jose.  The agency consists of my two daughters, my wife and myself, and support staff.

Some agencies offer Health Insurance, we SPECIALIZE in it!!

We’ve built our agency on showing employer groups a unique, out of the box approach to Small Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for businesses.  Any agent that simply tells their client to switch to a cheaper plan, or have their employees pick up the price increase, I have one thing to say…..”shame on them”.  Any idiot can throw plans around and help you sign up.  That takes no skill whatsoever.  You might as well just sign up online.

Brauer Insurance promises to do two things for you……Keep you compliant with Obamacare, and help you strategize your Employee Benefits for your company.

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