Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

If you are not looking for Kaiser Health Insurance, you probably want to be either with Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance or Blue Shield Health Insurance.  In the Bay Area, most of the hospitals are contracted with both Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross.  HealthNet, Aetna, and Cigna Health Insurance are very comprehensive plans as well, and have a good network.

Blue Shield Health Insurance is one of the only companies in California that is NOT for profit.  Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance is also NOT for profit.  Some people would rather do business with a company that does not have to cater to their shareholders.

People ask us all the time, what company do you recommend….my answer is “whatever company fits your needs”.  For some, it’s Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance, for others it’s Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance.  Currently, Blue Cross has some very attractive PPO plans that are very affordable for employers looking for Employee Benefits for their employees.  California Employer Benefits, and California Employee Health Insurance are vital to most companies to attract and retain good people.  Employees need good comprehensive Medical Insurance for themselves and their families.  It is very attractive to a potential employee if a company has good Employee Benefits.

Group Employee Benefits can be obtained many ways.  If your broker is good, they will present a “strategy” where many different insurance products are combined into one package that is tailor made for the client.  Our “strategy” includes using a traditional Health Insurance plan and pairing it with California Supplemental Insurance or “Gap” coverage.  The Supplemental Insurance “underfunds” or fills the gap left by the Major Medical plan that has a deductible to meet or maybe is not as “rich” as one of the more expensive plans.

Blue Shield Health Insurance can be very comprehensive as well.  There are many plans that offer various levels of coverage to accommodate employees and their needs.  Blue Cross Health Insurance has many plans available as well.  Both carriers have a very large network and have contracts with most doctors and hospitals in the Bay Area.

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